"It all started with one duet, bass and face.  I don’t know why, but I had to do it.  With only one instrument, sometimes no chords, there is nowhere to hide.  Hiding in plain sight is what I do best, so this process was an exercise in vulnerability.


I’ve been a "reckless" rock singer, I’ve lived vintage jazz, I’ve been gospel, swing, blues, and all manner of Americana. I am all of those things, but they aren’t all of me.  If you “know” me as any one of these things, you probably don’t really know me.

This project is not me coming out of hiding.  It is me inviting you to hide out with me.  It’s what the inside of my head looks and sounds like. The wallpaper is peeling and the lights flicker, but you can’t beat the atmosphere."

Featuring duets with:

Eric Moon (accordion and Hammond B3 organ)

Andy Hall (dobro)

Jeremy Mohney (saxophone)
Alex Trujillo (guitar)
Gonzalo Teppa (double bass)
Erik Fellenstein (violin)
John Macy (pedal steel)

Jeff Jenkins (piano)

SF1 (tap shoes)

With extraordinary visual art and design from Jessica Hatlen and the great songwriting talent of Haraldur Davíðsson.

Recorded at Macy Sound Studios and Mighty Fine Productions, engineered and mixed by John Macy and Loren Dorland.  Mastered by Mark Fuller Mastering.

You Don't Know Me - now available!

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